"Globus" and "Eldorado" held a joint action "donor Day"

On August 4, the network of hypermarkets "Globus" and a network of shops of electronics and home appliances "Eldorado" held a joint action "donor Day". The event was held with the support of the blood Center of FMBA of Russia and the charity Fund "give life!"

Mobile point of blood donation was organized and equipped with everything necessary for the safe conduct of procedures to the coordinating office of the "globe". As a General rule, before becoming a donor, each employee must undergo a mandatory medical examination to measure blood pressure and blood analysis. Only after that the specialists of the center of blood FMBA Russia can make a decision about the readiness of a person to be a donor. Eventually passed 60 employees from both companies – and "Globus" and "Eldorado".

Published: 06.10.2016.

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