Distribution of leaflets

Mail – dependable and time-tested channel of information flow. There is no age limit. Thanks mail advertising in the hallways becomes an individual, address. The potential client has personally hand a kind of "invitation to purchase" with an interesting statement of all benefits of products and services. Colourful flyers to attract attention, evoke curiosity and are learning in a relaxed home environment. Using correct distribution in the mailboxes easily find new customers, inform loyal customers about promotions and discounts.

Distribution of leaflets has such advantages:

effective coverage consumers: specific areas of the house or even doorways — the ad gets in the right mailboxes.

a database of potential customers are widely covered — after all mailboxes are in every home;

important — consumers learn about promotions, sales, etc.;

massive response from potential consumers;

helps to promote seasonal goods and/or services;

in such a campaign do not need a big budget.

Marketing Agency Unitex-FAM offers next services mailing:

The "fan" mailing list – untargeted mass distribution of printed materials in the mailboxes of apartment buildings. A distribution mailbox is an economical tool of promotion.

"Personal" mail – targeted delivery of printed materials (brochures, catalogs, books, etc.) to the recipient's address. With the help of mailing of advertising materials will be delivered to a specific target audience.

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