Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper – method of marketing research with the aim of obtaining an independent assessment of the level of service and other indicators on request of the customer. The role of the visitor acts as a neutral person who so obtained the impressions and data biased.


Mystery shopper acts according to a specific algorithm. Depending on the objectives of the research work as follows:

scenario development on the basis of the brief, pre-populated with the customer;

the secret instructions of the buyer;

a visit to a retail outlet where the process of observation and personal contact with the staff or Commission test purchasing can be carried out hidden video/audio recording;

processing of the received information;

a detailed report to the customer;

As secret buyers from advertising agencies UNITEX-FAM acts only by trained personnel.


the appearance of employees;

the customer service standard;

as far as the specialist possesses information about relevant issues;

what model of conduct chosen by the employee, if there is an extraordinary situation;

the honesty of the personnel;

the interior of the premises;

range of products/dishes, especially their calculations, the presence of price tags and other parameters.

The secret shopper is quite common, especially for large companies. In addition to the ability to obtain an objective assessment of the quality of service, this method allows to motivate employees for a more responsible attitude to their work. Each client they will see a potential controller.

The mystery shopper service is useful for continuous improvement of the company, adjustments to service standards and, as a consequence, to increase sales.

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