Multi-rainbow - the territory of childhood!

In the children's day, June 1, on the street of Hiroshima in Volgograd held a big children's festival "Multi-rainbow" - the territory of childhood". One of the sponsors of the festival were the company "agro-Sputnik" producer of seeds "Bogu".

The whole team of promotional staff "yuniteks-FAM" were distributed to the participants of the festival balloons and samples of seeds, the kids entertained festive mascot, and Aqua make-up artists applied the drawings on the faces of the children, which gave children the opportunity to transform into your favorite fairy-tale hero, an animal or just to decorate your own face designs.

Sunflower seeds are very good and children and adults, the balloons added a festive atmosphere and decorated the territory of the holiday, and the pleasure and joy of the doll, even danced on stage, even hard to describe!
Family holiday "Multi-rainbow" long remembered by all the guests of the event.

Published: 06.10.2016.

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