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The Federal Agency merchandising of yuniteks, OOO-FAM offers a wide range of services. Professionally provides services not only in merchandising, but in the BTL-direction: promotion, accompanied by consultations of customers and distribution of appropriate brochures and catalogs.

Have 6 offices. More than 5 years successfully working with a broad geographical base, with over 500 locations throughout Russia and Crimea. More than 5,000 employees.

With the help of our online reports, without leaving the office, You will be able to know and see what is happening with your products in stores.

We offer:

low prices;

transparent scheme of work;

reports in the on-line mode;

regular joint field audits;

the high professional level of staff (education, trainings in the fields). All employees passed the 2-month course of sales;

assistance to the client: a free advice and give advice;

absolute quality service from the first day of cooperation.

We will provide conditions under which buyer will find Your products!

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