Outsourcing marketing

Outsourcing marketing – is the transfer by the company of the marketing Department functions to third-party agencies that specialize in this area.

The arguments in favor of outsourcing:

quality marketing support from outsourcing Agency;

control and optimization of expenses for marketing;

optimization of number of employees and the cost of their retention, training and motivation;

the rejection of a constant race in search of experts-professionals in the field of marketing;

participation in modern marketing technologies and the use of their successful implementation.

We provide the following services:

Outsourcing merchandising

no need to create your own division merchandising;

avoids the problem of unqualified and untrained personnel;

the ability to quickly increase the volume of work and magnitude carried out promotions.

Outsourcing recruitment of sales staff

systematic reduction of operating costs;

professional help to improve adaption to changing business conditions;

ensuring the smooth operation of commercial enterprises in the holiday season;

reducing costs on salaries;

providing quality retail service and level of customer service.

Outsourcing programs to stimulate sales

to identify gaps and correct identification of effective actions against have already been implemented, existing or planned marketing programs (including advertising) of business;

identification and formulation of business development in a related industry in a specific market;

identify the key issues, barriers of the enterprise, its marketing activities, including sales, system and product pricing, interaction with customers, etc.;

formulation of conclusions and recommendations for improving the marketing situation in the company.

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