Competent organization of promotions includes a set of events where every detail is important. Clothing promoters, their degree of sociability, awareness of the product/service – a potential customer pays attention to all nuances.

Therefore, the successful holding of the shares with professional training:

generated the main creative idea;

selects best format for promotion;

developed a detailed scenario;

the location;

selected closet;

selection of personnel (promoters, merchandisers, interviewers, coordinators);

prepare materials (samples, printing products);

staff training is underway.

Professional organization of promo-actions also includes monitoring at all stages and final report.

We are ready to offer You the following types of projects:



Gift with purchase


The distribution of POS-materials, distribution of leaflets




competent business consumers to the promotional staff which highlighted the strengths and characteristics of a brand.

drawing attention to the product "premium" when the distribution of samples or tasting is impractical;

as a result of the promotion, consumers know more about the brand, then often gain it.


allows you to quickly familiarize customers with the new trading point;

during the tasting prospective buyers appreciate all the taste of the product according to his dignity;

organized tasting is free, anyone can try the product offered;

causes a significant increase in sales and those buyers who liked the product, many of them subsequently buy the products.

al-diavolo-rosso-la-festa-del-regalo-riciclato-gazzetta-dasti-1059683Gift with purchase

encourages the buyer to make the first purchase a new product;

stimulates the desire for the re-acquisition of the goods promoted brand;

switch the attention of buyers from the goods of competitors


the advantage is increased interest in the brand and the ability to switch a customer from another brand to yours.

able to cover a large number of categories of goods (food, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, perfumes, products for animals).

can be carried out not only in places of sale of goods, but also in open areas, parks, streets.

img-20150601-180437The distribution of POS-materials, distribution of leaflets

promptly informing potential buyers about the events, the opening of a new store, salon, new products and services;

introduction of discounts, seasonal sales and special offers;

distribution of leaflets, flyers, booklets, are a low-cost form of advertising.


allows you to familiarize potential buyers with the new perfume products;

polite and friendly, unobtrusive communication with the buyer;

coverage of a wide range of products, which can act as food and cosmetics, household chemicals or perfumes.


product promotion organized in so-called "resting places" of potential buyers: restaurants, hotels, Nightclubs, café is a calm and relaxing environment for visual perception;

beautiful the staff is speaking directly to each person in the target audience;

branded menus, dishes, napkin holders and so on, rounding the interior and the overall style of the institution, subtly remind visitors about the ubiquitous presence of the brand.

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