The placement of POSM

Placement of POS-materials – placement of advertising materials in retail outlets, with the aim of attracting the attention of consumers to a particular brand.

One of the most effective and affordable ways to increase the buying activity are the means of advertising support at points of sale.

There are various POS materials (shelf-talkers, halfbakery, table tents, posters, displays, light boxes (light boxes), voblery, stickers, etc. point of sale materials outwardly different, but their common goal is the visual impact on the buyer.

Placement of POS-materials allows to solve the following tasks:

the allocation of products against the products of competitors;

navigation buyers;

increase brand awareness;

the increase in sales.

Placement of POS-materials provides a number of advantages:

securing space on the shelves for a particular product;

attracting the attention of buyers at the point of sale for specific products;

consolidation in the consumer's mind the exact location of the product.

POS materials allow the user to obtain additional valuable information, facilitate the selection process and save time.

The proper usage of POSM is not only an additional way of influencing the buyer, but also a necessary moment in the competition. In this case, the POS may become a required benefit highlights the advertised product from a number of other brands of competitors, or the active Navigator when making the consumer's choice.

51-29-3 (1)Shelf-talkers. Bright and colorful advertising design, which is attached to shelf with the product and combines it into one group.

allows you arrange a shelf;

to distinguish it from the competitors;

to keep the shelf from installing competitive products.

The table tents. bn_tabletents Table design for advertising and menus, table information carrier in the form of "house" ("the hut").

effectively used in the sector b2с in the HoReCa segment in restaurants and bars, conferences and exhibitions to announce a discount program, products, new products, special offers cafes and restaurants and at the reception to inform about services of hotel;

carries information load.


Posters. Advertising materials large format.

contain information about products, services and organizations;

well attract attention to the product in the field.

 Дисплеи. hp-01  "Hard" posters, which are mounted on the walls of the trading floor, or placed on the counter.

are a great alternative to real cases;

allows you to quickly and easily communicate to buyers information about the goods.

Laytbox1Light boxes (light boxes). A plastic or metal box with internal lighting. This type of POSM can be made in floor, wall and suspension versions.

light bkoy with high-quality image and the correct lighting can greatly increase attention of the buyers and their confidence in the brand, product or service;

most ohvatyvaet audience.

Voblery. small-information-items-property-2066 Miniature advertising image, made usually out of cardboard and fasten in place sales on a flexible plastic leg.

attract consumers ' attention by rocking in the air;

saves space;

one of the most simple and elegant ways to attract the attention of buyers.

a83e45Stickers. Can be quite different sizes and formats and, hence, can be used for different purposes — for pasting of walls, counters, refrigerators and so on.

pretty cheap, but extremely effective POS material;

can be placed on various surfaces, depending on the adhesive layer of the sticker;

attract the attention of a large number of consumers with its colorful design.

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